Flip This Armando Montelongo Seminar It's not a scam, right?

Have you gone to an Armando Montelongo Seminar?

I'm just curious to hear from others that have been to any seminar put on by Armando Montelongo. If you have attended one, what was your experience?

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  1. Armando andhis team are the best they teach everything how to make offer,flipping and sailling and make profit.

  2. How much does it cost. I see on here that it is kind of expensive does anyone know that price? That would help determine if i should go to the seminar or not.



  3. I would love to take his seminar. unfortunately, I do not have the monies at present. Armando is there anyway possible to pay for the seminar after the successful close of a flip??

    • Hi Myrtis,
      I really havent looked at this site in such along time. This site is not owned or affiliated with Armando Montelongo. I just built it because there are so many differnt people saying different stuff like its a scam or whatever so I just wanted to see if people who have gone there think its legit. So far, I have gotten all sorts of comments and only 3 or 4 of them have been bad. right now yours is the first one of almost 83 that have collected here since I stopped checking it two years ago. I still haven’t gone to another seminar because I became ill but I still see ARmando’s commercial on TV so I thought it would be cool to come back and see what’s going on. If you want to go to one of his seminars, they do free ones… you can find out more at his Armando Live website..

  4. Any have info on how this works if you really don’t have money to invest? I lost my job of 9 years and don’t have the cash right now for downpayments. Anyone have info if Armando’s way would be the right way for me to go?

  5. Armando’s system is the absoulte best opportunity that you need to take action on now. It’s proven and is a life changing investment!

  6. I love the products. Well worth the money! All of the information is in one place. No bumping your head with mistakes.

  7. Thanks folks for the encouraging comments. May You all be successful.

  8. Hi Armondo
    We have been to your seminar in boston
    An we will be continuing oure Education
    With Armondo & his team has helped us
    In everey step of the way me & my son zack
    We are on our way with Armondo to be
    Millionaires . Thank you Armondo
    Zack want to be you

  9. When is the next seminar coming to Philly?

  10. I need a list of hard money lenders that advocate Armando’s program of no money down and no credit needed.

    Plus, all these comments are over a year old. I want info more recent. Any others out there that wish to comment on their experience with this program?

    • Hi Cloris… Sorry it has been awhile since I came and did anything with this website. I became ill and didn’t check it for a long time but since then I noticed that Armando has all sorts of new websites. There’s still alot of sites on goole that saying people were scammed but I have had very few bad comments on this site. I don’t know exactly what your looking for cause I haven’t been to a seminar in a long time, but I know theres a site on Armando Montelongo that has a bunch of forms and stuff.. maybe you can find a list there.. just google search for armando forms. I don’t know if you have to have gone to the Armando Montelongo Bus TOur but it asks you to sign up and say where you went.. Good luck..

  11. Why does this entire page sound like it was written by the same person? What is going on here? Do you really think we are to believe that everyone is happy with this program? You can NEVER make everyone happy all of the time. Give me a break!

    • here’s another one that came in and is trying to say its a scam… So like I said, not everybody has good stuff to say, but on my site at least… there are very little negative people.. Even though these people say this stuff, I have found so many other sites that say good stuff or that show Armando Montelongo on the bus tour and it looks pretty cool in my opinion. but then again, what do I konw… I’m just a guy from new york who built this crappy website out of curiostity.


    • Since alot of you have asked about this, here is an example of a bad comment that some one posted. I really don’t get that many of them, but just so you guys can see I really just wanna know what people really think and not everyone thinks it’s legit, bit I found after reading the bad comments its really just a lot of people who have never really gone to the seminars… NONe of them. It’s kinda not fair in my opinion for these people to say this stuff without ever having gone. On the other hand, almost all the people on here that say good stuff, have either gone or are thinking about going and want know what it’s really like from someone who went to the Armando Montelongo real estate seminar.

  13. Im supposed to be going to the 3 day workshop next weekend. I just purchased it yesterday, but have read so many negative things it s really making me want to cancel. Should I?

  14. Armando and his team has helped us every step of the way and because of that, we are on our way to becoming millionaires!

    • Sooo how are you doing now?? We just went to the “free” seminar and now we will be attending the 3 day seminar. On Dec 2010 you were very exited just wondering how it is going for you today.

      • Hi Sandy.. I still haven’t gone to another seminar but I still see Armando’s commercials on TV. I became ill and stopped checking this awhile back, but I’m better now and thought I’d see what people are still saying about Armando Montelongo. I noticed that he has a few new websites now and I’m really interested in the bus tour. Have you check out his bus tour site at http://www.ArmandoBusTour.com? There’s all sorts of cool videos there that are pumping me up to go again… let me konw how the 3 day went for you…

  15. Thought I’d come on over here and give my 2 cents. It’s not a scam. It is legit. It’s so hard these days to prove to people that this stuff really works but man…this REALLY works. I am definitely one of the thousands who have been taught and life has been changed by Armando. People get burned a lot, I get it. But this is legit.

  16. It’s not right for me only because I just don’t think I can excel in real estate as well as some other people. It’s not so much my passion. However, the seminar that I went to really taught me all I needed to know and I could get started in real estate at anytime because I went through Armando’s system. So yeah, it worked and it’s not a scam.

  17. Love the seminar! Will be continuing my education with Armando.

  18. It is pricey, but as they say, you get what you pay for and this was DEFINITELY worth it. I wouldn’t have paid a single penny less. AND I’m making it back plus thousands more!!!

  19. I don’t even understand the complaints, to be honest. I’ve had nothing but positive energy from Armando, his team, his teachings and his facebook is so funny. I want to begin offering on houses and such but I’ve been going through some hardships right now. But by golly I will and I know how because of Armando!!!!!!!

  20. Cracks me up to see that there’s only 23 reports on that rip site or whatever it’s called. You’re goin to listen to 23 people over the hundreds (if not thousands) of people that Armando has made successful. Crazy.

  21. Wow, I can’t believe everyone is making big bucks. Weird thing is that there’s complaints about his seminars. Why is the bus tour so expensive and why aren’t there refunds.

    • LOL Wow. Uh, I’m pretty sure there’s more to the story than what you read. LOL Or maybe they’re just lazy. Or maybe they’re just dumb. LOL This stuff works, I know because I am one of Armando’s success stories.

  22. If you didn’t know they’d sell you something when you attended the live event, you are dumb. The dude’s here to make a profit. But not just that. He cares. A lot. Especially from a guy that is apparently an asshole.

  23. It’s an investment, for sure, but it’s an investment of a lifetime one you’ll never regret.

  24. I don’t have the funds right now, but I am definitely going to attend. Went to the live event and was blown away. I NEED to do this and I WILL do this!

    • Hi Collin,

      How would you like to get a Real Estate education with a community of people and support working with you daily. While you engage in your education you can market the college and make $1,000 to $6,000 per enrollment. The education and support will pay for it self.

    • Soooo did you do this?

  25. I first read his book and while it was a little advertisey near the end, it actually made me realize a lot of things about myself and about my passion: real estate. My family has always been poor and I’ve been the only one to go to college and am now trying to support them. Finding Armando Montelongo’s education has truly changed my life. It’s been an eye opening experience and I am definitely going to keep learning from him. He is my mentor and he needs to be yours as well.

  26. Armando is one of those people that comes off abrasive from afar but is a snuggly puppy up close! He really cares about us and our success. I don’t think he’d be spending SO much of his time on us if he didn’t care. NOBODY spends that much energy and talent on people if they weren’t dedicated to the students. Truly a great experience and a great man.

  27. I did it all in a month and am now totally prepared for whatever comes my way as an investor!!

    • dear jody,
      thanks for your comment, it is encouraging. I invested on the bus tour. Hope to learn and do at least two transactons. It was all my savings. Please pray for me. I really want to stay focussed. thanks again

  28. I’ve always been told I can’t do things but Armando taught us that we can do anything we set our minds to. I’m surprised I even went to this seminar. I had to really convince myself and basically kick myself in the butt. This is not rocket science and in fact is really quite easy, especially with his system.

  29. This is the best opportunity I’ve ever been shown and I didn’t miss it for no one or nothing.

  30. Armando is the KING of flipping houses!! I hope to be up on the same stage as him someday!

  31. LOL I’ve seen some people say he’s a scam artist because they paid for his course and then wanted a refund! LOL I don’t even understand that. This is an EDUCATION, nothing comes for free! If you think that, then get the hell out the way for the rest of us millionaires!!!! Armando is the shit!!

  32. I was really scared at first. To me it seemed like a lot of money. I raise three kids alone and while it was a scary choice to front so much money, I did it anyways. I did it for my kids who I want a better life for. Flipping houses is probably the ideal job for a mother,. Not only do I make enough money to support a life that they deserve, but I have a lot more freedom to spend time with them. Armando Montelongo and his team gave that to me.

    • Dear Janey….did you attend the Bus Tour….I am about to sign up….I feel nervous….do they do what they say…..help you along the way and plug you into their network…..

  33. You’re not only taught what you need to know, but you’re not just thrown out into the world, you’re actually given continued education and mentoring.

  34. I’ve been a fan for a long time and that basically sealed the deal for me. I never thought of Armando as rude or mean, he’s just a guy that knows what he wants.

  35. Unbelievable information. Wish I had found Armando’s program sooner.

  36. Saw the infomercial and knew I had to take action towards this. Something in my gut told me that I would be successful at this. And I was right. I am very successful thanks to the step by step system and as I’ve heard others say as well, they literally take you by the hand and teach you. Armando is the best of the best.

  37. I liked it. Met Armando. Trying to find deals and working with mentor. Having fun.

  38. I had been trying to flip houses on my own with no luck for some time now. I saw Armando Montelongo’s infomercial and I thought to myself, ” I’ve got to try and get out of this hole.” I went to the Armando Montelongo Seminar. And I learned that i was doing it completely wrong. Armando’s techniques are the best there is. I may have dug myself a hole but Armando Montelongo supplied me with a ladder.

    • What were you doing wrong? Were you given a list of hard money lenders? Did you have to put any money down to buy a house or did you have to use a credit card (yours or someone elses)? What was your exit strategy?

  39. Going to the bus tour and have already learned so much from his seminars!! I want to learn IT ALL!

  40. I’ve heard others say that they now have their PhD in Real Estate after attending an Armando Montelongo seminar and by golly were they ever right. I loved this so much and I haven’t stopped taking action.

  41. My dad always told me that I would make more money in real estate then in anything else. He was RIGHT. And why did I choose Armando Montelongo to teach me the ways of house flipping? Because I personally love his no bullshit approach. That’s how I am and that’s how I want everyone to be. He tells it like it is and he knows what he wants and that’s admirable beyond belief. And now I am successful, just like him. Well…maybe not JUST like him….yet.

  42. I’m ROLLIN in dough because of Armando’s teachings!

  43. This totally awesome Armando Montelongo’s team kicked so much ass this weekend.

  44. I’m 23 and a college graduate and after 8 months can’t find a job to save my life. What was college for, I paid $80,000 for a piece of paper. I attended Armando Montelongo’s Seminar and was given the tools to make my own destiny, not what some piece of paper says i have to be. I recommend this to everyone. Armando’s team will teach you everything you need to know to begin making money in real estate.

  45. My daughter convinced me to go with her to Armando Montelongo’s seminar. I have to say that if i had not attended that would still be doing the day to day routine that everyone does. Now I feel I have a purpose to make tons of money and take care of my family.

  46. My husband and I went to the Armando Montelongo seminar and it showed us that aynthing is possible in real estate.

  47. I have never to gone to any of his seminars, but his TV show has truly inspired me! I was in a really bad place in my life when my boyfriend of seven years cheated on me…but everytime I would watch Flip This House, I was inspired by his KICK ASS attitude and getting things accomplished no matter what…he really is an inspiration to me. I have always loved to look at beautiful houses and never thought that flipping was even an option. I have a boyfriend now who is a flipper and I live vicariously through him…! Armando and Veronica are inspirations!!!!

  48. The speakers are so intense and awesome and willing to help! I would definitely go if you get a chance! It’s no more expensive than any other education. You pay WAY more for college and this is more valuable since it’s real estate and real estate is HOT HOT HOT

  49. I never thought I could have so much fun while learning!

  50. What I loved most about the seminar was being able to connect with other students. Oh and we can get on facebook and onnect with them too. It’s awesome.

  51. I have always wanted to get into real estate but never knew how. This system showed me EXACTLY how. I have been a flipping MACHINE since then. I plan to continue my education with Armando Montelongo.

  52. People kept telling me it couldn’t be done and I still kind of believe them. I have the education but I haven’t found many deals yet.

  53. You know those people who can’t do it or say there are no deals? DON’T LISTEN. JUST DO.

  54. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR ARMANDO…We are Rocking and Rolling because We Learned from the BEST!!!

  55. I gtuess I don’t understand?

  56. Armando Montelongo and his team really know what they are doing. There is no reason I can fail in real estate. Armando Montelongo Seminars are the best ever.


  58. The class really opened our eyes to the possibilities that are out there and we are striving to be on the bus tour.

  59. I hear the continuing education is better than the seminars. Not sure I got much out of it.

  60. Get a partner when you’re the seminar, you’ll be a lot more successful.

  61. Armando Montelongo seminars totally rock. met some great people and made new friends. Real esate is so for me.

  62. I attended the Armando Monetelongo seminar this past weekend and his team of experts showed us step by step the real estate process. Highly recommend this.

  63. Armando Montelongo Seminars are great. I would recommend them if you are wanting to get into real estate.

  64. This is just the beginning, the continuing education is way better

  65. Got to meet Armando so it’s all good. He knows his shit.

  66. I’m still debating too. He’s just so brash I can’t bring myself to be taught under him.

  67. Who would pay money for this?????? Armando seems to know what he’s doing, but I just don’t think I’d pay for it.

  68. I was so interested in this that I bought the 3 day work shop for $1,500 that was coming to Boise, I don’t have much money, but I thought that this would be a good investment. I was definitely not disappointed in the experience at all!!!

  69. I’ve gone to the live event and am signed up for his three day seminar. I feel blessed for being apart of such an amazing opportunity.

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